Who Are We?

We are a Payments Technology Systems company with a vision to create the next generation digital payment suites with innovative features and new age Blockchain technology. With our products, we help our customers (banks and financial insitutions) get the maximum benefits from their product portfolios while providing their customers innovative payment services, contextual advice when and where required.

  • Digital Payments

  • Intelligent Analysis

  • New Age Technology

  • Security Compliance

B2B Virtual Card System

B2B Virtual Card Payment System is an end to end Payment system designed for seamless payments between B2B customers and merchants. The system has Issuing (Virtual Cards) and Acquiring (Payment Gateway) that helps in the B2B payments with significant monetary benefits to both the merchants and customers for using the system.

Card Tokenization Engine

A Blockchain enabled Card and account Tokenization Engine that tokenizes the cards and accounts using secured cryptography and uses Blockchain platform for the overall process. The Tokenization Engine is in full compliance with the PCI standards.

Intelligent Transaction Analysis

This unique and next generation near real time transaction processing analysis can be used for the debit and credit card transactions of the bank to contextually advise eligible customers of bank’s product portfolio “when and where” required.

Internet Payment Gateway

The IPG will accept any Visa/ MasterCard/ Amex/ private label cards, converts into ISO8583 Authorization request (0100) transactions and send the same to the bank Switch/VAP/MIPS/other scheme gateways in real time.

QR Code Acquiring

The next generation mobile app and web system that generates and captures QR code and send real time transactions to Switches and gateways for authorization. An optional card tokenization with Blockchain system is offered with this product.

Facial Recognition Engine

Consult360 Group has developed state-of-art Web based Face Recognition Engine that uses facial biometric authentication for customer payments, transfer of funds and other secure bank operations. The Engine uses complex algorithm with tokenized fault-tolerance security using Blockchain platform.

Passionate About Payments

We are passionate about payments and excited about the future of payments. We believe that using our knowledge and expertise, we can make a difference in engaging our customers and partners with the new world of digital payments.

...and that is exactly what we are do in Consult360 Group - push our boundaries and create products with new concepts that helps businesses engage with their customers more inclusively that ever before. Some of the platforms that we work on are as follows:

Future Digital Banking

We offer a comprehensive whitepaper on where the future of digital banking is leading to and what products and services we can offer to get you there. Please contact us at info@consult360group.com.

  •  Blockchain Platform

    Consult360 Group uses private and consensual blockchain for key components of the payments platform in compliance with the PCI security regulations.

  •  Contextual App

    Consult360 Group has designed next generation mobile app that includes customer engagement features such as gamification, contextual advise, intelligent personalization of customer data, card and facial recognition process

  •  Transaction Authorization

    Consult360 Group has created real time authorization engine for the transaction authorization with its own card management system as well as passing the transaction to scheme networks for further processing.

  •  Augmented Reality

    Consult360 Group is working on the Banking solutions mobile app which involves managing customer's asset portfolio and providing what-if analysis of the financial status in an augmented reality mode.

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