The survival of any company depends on its ability to respond to changing circumstances, in other words to learn from the market ecosystem and change based on that learning. Thus, accelerating learning with the help of digital technologies is becoming a critical success factor for organizations.

At Consult360 we partnered with Mediasphere to help our clients enhance individual and organizational effectiveness and drive performance by creating learning and performance ecosystems that bring together people, content, process and technology.

Learning and performance ecosystems powered by Medisphere’s agile e-Learning platform –
PowerHouse Hub puts people and users in the center and support them with three primary components:

  • PowerHouse LMS – create and manage online courses, events and webinars; track and report on user groups with the click of a button
  • PowerHouse Performance – profile for risk, plan for success and manage for performance
  • PowerHouse Certification - industry certification, qualification and assessment management

You can license a single PowerHouse application, or a combination of the three to create your own ecosystem.
Learning and performance ecosystem powered by Medisphere’s introduces new capabilities that integrate learning and performance solutions into the work environment. It minimizes the need for workers to leave work in order to learn, reduces work disruption, and places more learning opportunities directly into the flow of the work.

Since its inception in 2006, PowerHouse Hub has been the software of choice for over 500 companies globally including BMW, Mantra Group, Rio Tinto, Aviation Australia and more.

Up until the present day and beyond Mediasphere continues to be a thought leader in the planning and development of agile eLearning solutions by making its software more intelligent and more cognitive. These efforts have been recognized by HR Tech magazine naming Mediasphere as one of the top 10 Learning Management Systems in 2016.

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