Here at Consult360 Group we understand the difference between digitization and digital transformation. Even though businesses have always used technology to scale and improve operations, digital transformation is a whole scale change to the foundational components of a business — from its operating model to its infrastructure. Transformation is about updating and upgrading the capacity to compete in a digital economy.

Research of Capgemini and MIT Sloan found that statistically, the so-called ‘digirati’ (companies that understand the value of digital transformation) are significantly more profitable — on average 26% more than their competitors.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Crypto & Digital Currencies

Our global team of experienced business and technology leaders can help you identify how blockchain can benefit your organization and how to rapidly move these initiatives forward.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

We help businesses cut through the hype, and learn how they can use AI & ML to create competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities and foster innovation.

Digital Transformation (DX)

We work closely with our clients to define what ‘digital transformation’ means for their business, assess their challenges and create a strategic approach for client’s unique process of digital transformation.

Change Management

We enable our clients to realize the full value of their transformation projects or programmes by helping people to adopt change. In doing so, we maximise the realisation of benefits, while also minimising costs and people impacts to the business.

Advanced Business Analytics & Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

We help our clients to properly apply data analytics to drive growth and power their business models by optimizing key business processes, reducing security risks, uncovering new revenue opportunities and creating a more compelling customer engagement.

Digital Customer

Experience (DCX) Enhancement & Management We help clients understand their customer journey and its impact on digital transformation.

Mobile Application Solutions: design and delivery (Android, iOs, Windows)

We help companies to engage with their customers in a better way through interactive, intelligent and customer-friendly mobile apps.

Digital Ecosystem Platforms as a Services (Paas) Integration

Whether your business chooses to build its own platform or join an existing one, Consult360 Group can help you leverage ecosystems to develop a highly effective path for creating value.

 New Digital Operating Models Design, Development & Implementation

We help our clients embrace technological disruption within the context of an overall business ecosystem while ensuring their business is operationally committed to continuous calibration and improvement.

Business Process Optimization, Workflow Automation & Digital BPO

We help businesses improve their competitiveness, reduce their operational costs, and improve agility, the ability to change direction quickly with minimal disruption, by optimizing business processes.

Digital Governance, Security & Risk Management

We deliver an end-to-end set of offerings that helps you define your security and risk management approach, identify gaps, and leverage recommendations for business workflow improvements, policies and controls, technology selection, and program optimization.

 Web and Social Media effectiveness

We help our clients build their web and social media strategy around their unique brand with authenticity, focus and consistency  so they can enhance relations hips, expand their influence and grow.

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