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No matter what industry you are in transactions and payments are at the core of every business and are financial in nature.

About Cinnamon Pay

With the exponential growth of mobile and digital payments, service providers and customers have expressed interest in next generation payment technology, mostly due to change in spending pattern and increased convenience. Technology companies and financial institutions have laid a foundation to create a simple, global and secure payment solution which will enable customers to make payments easily.

That is why we have partnered with Cinnamon Pay to help us prepare our customers to enter the next generation of payments as the strength of cash vanishes in this digital world.

Cinnamon Pay is a Payment software products solutions and services company, that provides next generation payment products such as B2B Virtual Cards, B2B Supplier Payment System, Internet Payment Gateway, Bill Payment System, Personal Finance Management Mobile Banking App, Real time Intelligent Transaction Analysis, to name a few. Some of the products are integrated with the Cinnamon Pay private Blockchain.

Cinnamon Pay is working on various next generation banking and payments solutions for major banks in Sri Lanka, thus providing significant competitive edge to their customer base. Cinnamon Pay’s new private Blockchain provides endless opportunities to the banks, financial institutions and government agencies in using the crypto-currencies and distributed ledger systems to provide cost effective, secured and advanced operations and governance capabilities to their existing business ecosystems.

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